She Told Her Son’s Friend It Was Bad And Manipulative That He Only Wanted To Sleepover At Their House To Get Pizza

malkovkosta - - illustrative purposes only

This woman’s 7-year-old son has been making new friends throughout the school year.

Occasionally, he invites about three or four classmates over to sleep over at their house on the weekends. When her son has friends over for sleepovers, she orders two large pizzas and soda for the boys to have.

A couple of weeks ago, on a Wednesday morning, she received a text message from one of the boys’ mothers, asking if her son, T, could sleep over that night.

Since T and his family lived in the same neighborhood as they did, she didn’t think this would be a problem, so she said that he was more than welcome.

She figured that T’s family had something happening at home and needed him to be out of the house for the night.

That afternoon, she picked up T and her son from school, and when they got back to her house, the boys raced upstairs to play video games together.

While they were playing, she started making dinner. She cooked a box dinner and included some sides with the meal. When the food was ready, she called T and her son to come downstairs and eat.

“I hand T his plate. He doesn’t say thank you or look at me. He walks to the table and sits down. I’m thinking, ‘Okay, rude,’ but whatever,” she said.

“T doesn’t touch his food. I asked him if everything was okay. He asks, ‘Were we gonna have pizza tonight?’ I say, ‘Sorry, pizza is for the weekend when everybody comes over.'”

malkovkosta – – illustrative purposes only

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