She Took Out A Mortgage For Her Mom, But Her Mom Allowed Their Entire Family To Move In And Stopped Paying The Mortgage Off, So Now She Wants Everyone Out - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 33-year-old woman and her mother, 60, both currently work abroad. Meanwhile, her 24-year-old brother is living in their home country.

Several years ago, her mother expressed her dream of buying a home after they’d been living in rentals for their entire lives.

At that time, her mother was already working abroad, taking a lot of side jobs so that she could make ends meet, while she had a job at a bank where she earned a comfortable living.

“She asked me to take a mortgage under my name, and she would pay for the monthly payments,” she said.

“She also said it was better to put the house under my name since she’s planning on leaving it to me one day. Me being young and naive, I agreed to this.”

For the first couple of years after the purchase of the house, only she and her brother were living in it.

Eventually, she was able to start working overseas like her mother was still doing. So, she left while her brother continued living in the house while he finished college. Her mother wasn’t a fan of him living there by himself.

“She asked her brother, 58, and sister, 55, to stay with him. She also asked my grandma, who is 80, to move in. The thing is, her siblings are both unemployed,” she explained.

Her aunt had two adult children. Tragically, her youngest child, her son, passed away several years ago, and she is now taking care of his two children. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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