She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Lived With His Baby Mama, And He Didn’t Pay For A Single Thing On Their Date

VadimGuzhva - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

About a year ago, TikToker Nisha (@simplynishab_) met a guy named Jordan on a dating app right after getting out of a relationship because she was hoping to get over her ex as soon as possible. But little did she know just how messy it would be.

They chatted for a bit, and the conversation was pretty casual. After three days of talking on the app, they exchanged phone numbers.

Jordan seemed super cute and funny. He also lived an hour and a half to two hours away from her.

One day, she asked if they could hop on a video call together. She wanted to make sure he was the person he said he was. That’s when she found out he had children.

He also still lived with the mother of his kids even though they had broken up four months ago. They had decided to keep living together because staying in one household was more affordable. And what’s more, his youngest child was only a couple of months old!

However, Nisha ignored all the red flags and proceeded to plan a date with him. Jordan didn’t have a car, so she had to pick him up from the place that he shared with his baby mama.

Luckily, it went without a hitch. Then, they headed over to the movie theater. The theater they went to was the kind where you could order meals from your seat.

He didn’t pay for a single thing on their date even though he had promised to. After they got done at the movie theater, he asked if they could stop at a vape shop. Nisha was beyond annoyed. How could he have money for the vape shop but not for their date?

She drove two hours back home, and he still hadn’t paid up until she texted him to send the money. When he finally did, he was thirty dollars short.

VadimGuzhva – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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