She Won’t Let Her Best Friend’s Son, Who Has ASD, Attend Her Wedding Because She’s Worried That He’ll Have A Meltdown And Ruin Her Day

dimadasha - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 29-year-old woman is getting married to her fiancé, 32. They ultimately planned for their wedding ceremony to be open to all ages since her sister has a toddler, and a lot of their other family members also have children.

They planned for their reception, where alcohol will be served, to be adults-only. Her sister, cousin, and best friend are all bridesmaids.

When she let her best friend know she and her fiancé would allow guests of all ages to attend the ceremony, her best friend was thrilled and said that she could bring her 14-year-old son, who has ASD, to the wedding.

However, she never officially invited her best friend’s son. Later, her friend asked for more information on what the dress code was for boys and men, and she was baffled by this since her friend was a woman and not in a relationship.

She asked her friend why she needed to know that, and her friend said that she needed to know because she was bringing her son along to the ceremony. In response, she clarified that her friend’s son wasn’t invited to the wedding.

“She argued that it was an all-age wedding, but I tried to explain to her that her son had a bad meltdown at the last wedding he attended because he hates the color white, and our wedding has a white and red theme,” she said.

Her friend told her that she would just make sure that her son looked away from anything white, but she told her friend that this would prove too difficult since her wedding dress was white, as well as the tables and tons of other decorations.

Normally, her friend’s son doesn’t feel upset by arbitrary objects like white cars or pieces of paper, but if the entire area he’s in has a lot of white around, he struggles.

In her view, it wouldn’t make sense for her friend’s son to come to the ceremony since everything in the environment would be too much for him.

dimadasha – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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