The Girl He’s Dating Has Terrible Hygiene, And He Doesn’t Want To Keep Seeing Her If This Doesn’t Change

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Around a month ago, this 25-year-old guy started talking to a 20-year-old girl, and they have really hit it off.

They’re now dating, and he really likes her a lot. She’s a wonderful girl who really is attentive to his feelings.

She never plays any kind of games with him, and he thinks they’re super compatible. However, there’s one thing about her that he really wants to address: her terrible hygiene.

The very first time she came over to his house, she brushed her teeth, but he thought it was only after he said to her that he had spare toothbrushes for her to use.

Ever since he thinks she’s been getting too comfortable around him, and he can tell she never, ever brushes her teeth.

This girl won’t brush before she goes to bed, and she won’t brush in the morning. He can tell because the sink and her toothbrush are always dry.

Also, whenever they watch a movie together, and she lies on his chest, he can smell how terrible her breath is.

It grosses him out when they do kiss to know that pieces of whatever she last ate are floating around in her mouth.

“And yesterday we had a day date, and underneath her fingernails were dirty, and it just really turned me off,” he explained.

moodboard – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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