While Teaching English Abroad When She Was Just 18, She Met A Man Who Asked Her To Get Married, And After She Turned Him Down, He Stalked And Repeatedly Threatened Her

anderpe - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One of the most magical occasions of someone’s life is the moment when they’re getting proposed to. But sometimes, the question is popped in the absolute worst way. This woman’s experience with someone requesting her hand in marriage was far from the fairytale that most people dream of.

TikToker Ashley Johanna Sweat (@ashleyjosweat) is recounting the time when a guy she met once in China asked her to marry him, and after she turned him down, he stalked her repeatedly and threatened to harm her.

Back in 2008, Ashley was living in China at 18-years-old. She was there to teach English with her sister, who was a couple of years older, and they didn’t speak a word of Chinese. So, whenever they came across any other foreigners who knew English, they would always chat with them.

One day, they met two guys at a bakery in a part of town that they often visited. The men approached them, started chatting with them, and sat down at their table. They were from somewhere in northwestern Africa.

Ashley and her sister invited them to a pub they were going to that night. Her sister gave them the number on the phone they both shared. Then, they left the bakery and went back to their apartments. While they were playing card games with the other English teachers, they received a call from a man who asked to speak to Ashley.

He told her that he had wanted to propose to her from the very first moment he laid eyes on her. Ashley was confused, thinking that he just wanted to go out with her sometime, but then he clarified that he meant a marriage proposal.

Ashley said that she didn’t really know him well enough to get married. She explained that where she was from, people usually would get to know each other first, become friends, go on dates, and then get married.

He scoffed at the idea and continued with the proposal, saying that he wanted to take her to Africa with him. She informed him that she was headed back to America in a month. Previously, she had told him she was from Utah. So, he stated that he would travel to Utah to retrieve her so she could be his wife.

During the conversation, Ashley was laughing because the whole situation was so bizarre. When he asked once more if she would accept his proposal, she turned him down. In response, he said that if she didn’t accept, he would bang her head in with a gun.

anderpe – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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