While Tirelessly Trying To Find Work, She Heard Back From A Job Interviewer, But He Ultimately Just Wasted Her Time, Tried To Scam Her Into Giving Out Her Credit Information, And Still Had The Nerve To Ask Her Out For Drinks

She found the whole situation to be extremely bizarre and a little creepy, so she posted about it on a different social media account. The next thing she knew, a girl messaged her, saying that her best friend and the guy Alyssa was talking about had been in a long-term relationship. They broke up around the time that Alyssa was doing the interviews.

The girl asked her when the guy had sent her the text. After Alyssa told her, the girl revealed that the guy and her best friend had gotten into a huge fight that same night he texted Alyssa. He was arrested for two counts of assault and battery, one of them being strangulation.

Alyssa found his mug shot online. She also discovered that he had lost his current job and the organization that he was trying to start.

During their second interview together, he had been trying to scam her into giving out her credit information so he could open a business under her name because he had defaulted on loans and didn’t have credit of his own.


Watch til the end i promise its worth it

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