A Recent Report Revealed The Top 10 Most Bizarre Personal Belongings Guests Have Left Behind In Hotels Across Europe, And The Items Are Hilarious

Rithor - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One of the worst things to happen when traveling is leaving behind something valuable or important in a hotel room.

I’ll never forget leaving my favorite pillow, which I had been sleeping on since I was a child, in a hotel in the middle of Virginia on a road trip a few years back and being devastated when the hotel never ended up mailing it back to me.

Leaving behind a pillow, a toiletry item, or a piece of clothing in a hotel room happens a lot, and I’m sure hotel housekeepers have seen their fair share of those items left behind. However, some guests have left behind much weirder things.

A recent press release from the travel company easyJet revealed the top 10 most bizarre items guests have left behind in hotel rooms across Europe over the last year, and the results are hysterical.

The first item on the list is dentures. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like dentures are a hard toiletry to forget.

I guess if you’re not planning on seeing anyone or eating anything on your way out of a hotel, you could forget them.

The second item is quite jarring. According to the list, Witchcraft paraphernalia had been left in hotel rooms. If I were a housekeeper and saw that, I would’ve considered transferring to a new hotel location.

The following two items include prosthetic limbs and glass eyes. Again, I struggle to understand how someone could forget these things in a hotel.

But it’s just another one of those crazy incidents that happens with all the chaos of traveling. I just hope that every guest who left those items behind was able to get them back!

Rithor – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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