He Broke Up With His Girlfriend Because Her Younger Sister Kept Coming Onto Him And Finally Went Too Far After A Night Of Drinking

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Five days ago, this man broke up with his 27-year-old girlfriend because her sister, 24, was causing serious issues and made him incredibly uncomfortable. Before the breakup, he and his now ex were in a relationship for two years. Throughout their entire relationship, his ex’s sister clearly was interested in him and constantly flirted and made moves on him whenever she was around him.

“I have told her sister multiple times to leave me alone and to stop her behavior as I don’t do the cheating thing, but that did nothing. I have spoken to my ex about it multiple times. She even caught her sister in the act of trying to lock me in a room with her. Nothing changed,” he said.

When his ex-girlfriend’s sister continued harassing him, he informed their parents about what was going on and expressed how inappropriate it was, but she still didn’t stop. He admitted that his ex’s sister is gorgeous, but he was absolutely positive that he didn’t do anything to give her the wrong idea.

Every time he saw her sister, all he did was give her side hugs while saying hi, but other than that, he didn’t interact with her besides when she harassed him, and he was trying to get her to stop. He was never even willing to be in a room with just the two of them and did his best to stay away from her as much as possible.

Plus, he applied this rule to social media; he wasn’t friends with his ex’s sister on Facebook and didn’t follow her on Instagram. He doesn’t know her sister’s phone number, so they’ve never texted or talked on the phone.

“Her family even gave me a stupid nickname, ‘the puppy,’ because I follow my girlfriend around everywhere when we are over at their house. The only reason I follow her is because her sister’s behavior seems to stop when she is around,” he explained.

Eventually, he decided that he didn’t want to go to his ex’s parents’ house anymore so that he could avoid being in the same house as her sister. After he informed her about this, she was upset and moped for several weeks over the fact that he didn’t want to go over to her parents’ house with her. Despite not wanting to go with her to their house, he never told her she couldn’t go on her own, but she wasn’t thrilled that he wouldn’t come with her.

But on the fateful day, five days ago, the day their relationship ended, he finally gave in and went to his ex’s parents’ house with her. He and his ex drank a lot, so they ended up sleeping at her parents’ house. The following morning, he woke up, and his ex was already downstairs in the kitchen. He was horrified and shocked that when he awoke, her sister was lying next to him in the bed without any clothes on.

“I stormed out of the room and down to the kitchen and told her we were done in front of her parents. She was silent for what felt like minutes and started to break down, asking why. All I said was, ‘Go look in that room,’ and I stormed out of the house and got in my car,” he shared.

WavebreakMediaMicro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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