Her Boyfriend Hates Her Cooking And It’s Making Her Feel Terrible

No matter what she creates in a culinary sense, her boyfriend always quietly judges. He will doubt the ways she prepares things or point out to her that she isn’t cleaning her skillets properly.

He will also comment that her cookies are dry, yet eat them all anyway. He always has a criticism for her instead of a compliment.

And when it comes down to breakfast, that’s where things get super contentious. She hates breakfast and won’t eat it, whereas her boyfriend is the opposite.

Earlier this morning, as her boyfriend was getting ready to head to work, she was packing him lunch and thought it might be nice for her to make him breakfast burritos to go.

She added bell pepper, ham, eggs, and cheese before folding that up into tortillas. She handed breakfast to her boyfriend and he asked her if she cooked the bell peppers.

She indicated that she had before asking him why he was wondering. He fell silent, before mentioning to her he thought the breakfast was super dry.

“I’ve had it. I finally feel like complete [trash] about my cooking,” she said. “Which I’ve never felt like in the past 20 years I’ve been cooking.”

“I’m not sure if I’m just super emotional today (I got laid off last month, have been through a ton of interviews this week and last, and am really scared and stressed out), but this makes me never want to cook for him again. What do I do?”

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