Her Sister-In-Law Coordinated A Second Entrance And A Surprise Dance For The Flower Girls At Her Wedding Behind Her Back, But When She Accused Her Sister-In-Law Of Trying To Make The Day All About Her Nieces, She Was Called A Bridezilla

innarevyako - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever seen someone get a little too excited about their young daughter being someone’s flower girl in their wedding?

One woman is furious with her sister-in-law, who secretly planned for her daughters to take over the spotlight as her flower girls on her wedding day.

She recently got married, and before her wedding, she asked her sister-in-law if her two daughters would like to be the flower girls in her ceremony. Her sister-in-law was thrilled, and the kids seemed excited as well.

But then, two months before the wedding, some issues with her sister-in-law began to arise. 

Her sister-in-law contacted her amidst all the wedding planning chaos and asked if her daughters should have two different dresses for their “two flower girl entrances.” Her sister-in-law somehow assumed that not only would her daughters be walking down the aisle during the ceremony, but they would also get a special entrance into the wedding reception.

“I told my sister-in-law that the kids will only have one entrance, as our flower girls, during my wedding ceremony,” she recalled.

“My sister-in-law looked upset and said they must walk during the dinner reception, too. I am not the confrontational type, so I asked my husband to tell his sister that her daughters would only walk down the aisle once. My husband agreed and told his sister, [and] my sister-in-law disapproved.”

Her sister-in-law told her husband he should allow her daughters to be featured twice on their wedding day since he was their “only beloved uncle,” and they’d never have the chance to be flower girls again.

After a bit of back and forth, she figured her sister-in-law had backed down, and the wedding would go as planned. On her wedding day, her ceremony was beautiful, and everything, including the flower girls’ entrance, went swimmingly. 

innarevyako – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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