She Got Engaged To Her Sister’s Best Guy Friend, And Her Sister Freaked Out And Believes That She Stole Him

Logan - - illustrative purposes only

This 21-year-old woman has an older sister, who is 23, and according to her, her sister is a “pick me” who likes to act like “one of the guys.” So, her sister has always had strong opinions about her relationships and her overall life.

Apparently, her sister used to constantly criticize her for dressing up and wearing makeup. So, she always tried her best to avoid her sister.

Well, that was until she actually started getting pursued by one of her sister’s guy friends, James, who was pretty interested in her.

After a while, she wound up caving, too, and they went out on a date together.

Now, she thinks James is a sweetheart and a total gentleman. The only problem with their relationship is really her sister overstepping her boundaries.

For instance, her sister has recently begun “crashing” her date nights with James and showing up at her apartment very late at night. Her sister has even gone so far as to post “get ready with me” videos on social media while talking about how she “stole” James– her sister’s best friend.

“James still hangs out with my sister and his friends, who are close to her,” she clarified.

Nonetheless, her sister kept acting jealous, and it only got worse after James actually proposed and they got engaged.

To be clear, she and James actually don’t plan on tying the knot anytime soon. Instead, he bought her an engagement ring as if it were a promise ring.

Logan – – illustrative purposes only

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