She Thinks She’s Being Stalked Because, After Applying For A Job, The Company’s Director Began Texting Her Directly, Asked Her Out Multiple Times, And Even Showed Up Two Blocks Away From Her Apartment Building - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman is currently job searching, and she’s been reaching out to numerous companies to inquire about open positions and sending over her resume.

Around a month ago, she received a text message from a company director who claimed that texting back and forth worked better for him to stay in contact about her job application and scheduling future interviews.

Three weeks ago, she met the director when he gave her a company tour, and he also interviewed her a few days afterward.

“Since then, he’s passively said things such as how pretty I am and that I would be the perfect fit, but no actual updates on the job. He’s also tried asking me out multiple times,” she said.

Every time the company director did this, he faked that they would only meet to discuss details about the position she’d interviewed for.

She eventually stopped responding to his texts altogether because she wouldn’t be comfortable working for a man who behaved so inappropriately.

“A few days ago, he messaged me to tell me he was sending flowers to my apartment building. I never gave him my address directly, but it was on my application,” she explained.

She responded only to thank him and didn’t answer any more of his messages, and she was understandably creeped out.

The next day, he sent her a text, asking if she was willing to get together for coffee, adding that he was coincidentally in her neck of the woods (they live in a big city). – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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