The “Orange Peel Theory” Is The Latest Romance Test Sweeping Social Media, With Women Using A Simple Task To Gauge How Much Their Partners Really Care About Them

Valeri Vatel - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Need another way to test your relationship? TikTok has got your back with the viral “orange peel theory.”

The idea involves women urging their male partners to peel oranges for them as a way of gauging their levels of love and appreciation.

Or, more generally, it tests their partners’ tendency to help them with simple tasks that they can easily do themselves.

If your boyfriend is willing to perform a small act of service for you without complaint, such as peeling an orange, it is a demonstration of how much he cares.

However, if he says no or instructs you to do it yourself, it may be a sign that your relationship isn’t as strong as you thought, and you should consider breaking up, according to TikTok.

Many people on TikTok have shared some examples of things their boyfriends have done for them that illustrate the orange peel theory.

One TikToker and baker named Jenna (@jennaskates) posted a heartwarming video of her chef boyfriend surprising her with egg whites that he had taken the time to separate for her. The gesture moved her to tears.

In another instance, a TikToker named Nicole (@nicole.222320) explained how she often woke up with stomachaches at three in the morning.

Her boyfriend would heat up a hot water bottle for her and massage her stomach until she fell asleep every time. These examples may not involve actual oranges, but the idea still stands.

Valeri Vatel – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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