A Bride Tried To Spill Her Drink On Her At A Wedding Because The Bride Felt Upstaged

Vasil - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One of the biggest things brides are often paranoid about is that a female guest or member of their bridal party will somehow ‘upstage’ them at their wedding.

One woman was recently accused of upstaging her friend’s fiancée at his wedding, even though she wore an outfit her friend had approved in advance.

She was recently invited to her friend’s wedding. Her friend was the groom, and she had met the bride about five months before the wedding.

Because it was her first Western wedding, she was worried about wearing the right outfit and wanted to dress appropriately. When she asked her friend for the dress code, he told her the wedding would be formal, and the color palette consisted of pastels and neutrals.

She had a grey saree, a traditional Southeast Asian dress, in her closet that she felt would be great for the wedding.

“I have this lovely saree that fit the bill, so I sent [the groom] a picture, and he said it’s perfect,” she recalled.

“Five months before the wedding, I met the bride with many other of the groom’s friends at a bar. I showed her pictures of the saree to ask if it was appropriate. I also told her I’d be happy to buy a new outfit if it wasn’t [and] whatever she said would go. She said it was delightful.”

The bride also mentioned something about how she was excited to have someone wearing a culturally different outfit at her wedding, which she thought was a little odd, but she was happy that the bride approved of her look regardless.

On the day of the wedding, everything was going great until the reception, when the bride changed into a different gown that had a grey-white colored fabric that looked almost identical to her saree’s fabric.

Vasil – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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