A Guy Asked Her Out To Dinner At A Fast Food Restaurant, But She Turned Him Down, So Then He Said He Could Just Come To Her House

korchemkin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

You’ve heard of first dates that never make it to a second. But some dates don’t even make it off the drawing board.

TikToker @ashleighnekeman is talking about how she tried to go on a date with a clueless carpenter who didn’t realize that she was interested in getting to know him. The date did not pan out, as there was no way for him to come back from his blunder.

She matched with a guy on a dating app, but the conversation was a bit dry, so she stopped replying to him.

But then, he found her on social media and started messaging her again. From there, things got a lot better.

When they chatted about what they did for work, he told her that he was a carpenter. She made a joke about needing some stuff done around her place. Then, she set up plans to meet up with him. They decided to meet the very next night.

On the day of their date, he messaged her to confirm if their plans were still on. At around 5:30, he asked what she felt like eating.

She told him that she would eat anything. He suggested they go to a fast food chain restaurant, which was an option she hadn’t been expecting.

She was shocked that he was thinking about taking her to such a casual place and informed him she would not be having dinner there.

It was the kind of place that she could order takeout from by herself on days she didn’t feel like cooking.

korchemkin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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