A Guy Called Her Fat, And Then She Went On A Date With Him

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This 26-year-old woman has been chatting with a guy a decade older than her, and while they were talking, they both brought up their past romantic experiences.

This guy admitted to her that he got catfished quite badly by a woman at some point in time. The woman who catfished him stated that she was skinny online, but when he asked her out on a date, he was shocked to see she was over 200 pounds easily.

Then, he also ended up going out with a woman who promised she had no children but lied to his face, as he found out she really had 3 kids of her own.

She understands that he clearly has been hurt in the past by women and really got the short end of the stick.

She says that she is around 176 pounds herself, and she’s doing her best to get back down to what she used to weigh: 110 to 132 pounds.

“He told me to send him a video of my weight, which I did, and then proceeded to call me overweight,” she explained.

“We went on a date anyway, and he proceeded to comment on it. By the way, he told me he used to be very large and lost a lot of weight after a divorce.”

For reference, she is 5’7″, and she’s curious if this guy is right and she actually is fat like he said to her prior to the date.

She has gained a lot of weight due to struggling with an alcohol problem, but she’s working with her doctor to eliminate this from her life forever.

perminoffa – – illustrative purposes only

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