A Guy Who Previously Rejected Her Is Now All Interested In A Relationship After She Lost A Lot Of Weight

blvdone - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’ve undergone some sort of transformation, like a dramatic weight loss, did you notice that people who would usually blow you off suddenly became interested in you?

One woman is unsure how to feel after a guy from a dating app who once rejected her came back around after she lost a bunch of weight.

She’s 31 and met a 33-year-old guy on the dating app Bumble in the fall. They texted for two months before finally going on their first date, which she thought went well.

“He ended up sending me a text, stating he was not actually ready for a long-term connection,” she said.

“I did think the rejection [was] intense given our one date. I let him know I understood, reminded him we hadn’t discussed a long-term relationship, and [that] I saw the date as just a vibe check to get to know each other better, despite our texting. I was disappointed we didn’t explore it further, but understood.”

Over the last few months, she managed to stay connected with this guy and saw him occasionally. They grabbed coffees together and hung out at each other’s places.

Although she couldn’t get him to commit to a serious relationship, he would do things a boyfriend is expected to do, like walk her home from a bar late at night and cook for her when she was sick.

At one point, he tried to kiss her while they were spending time together, but she stopped him because she didn’t want him to think she was interested in anything casual. She wanted them to be in a serious relationship if they were going to date.

During this confusing time in their relationship, she was going through an intense transformation and ended up losing 30 pounds.

blvdone – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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