He Doesn’t Want His Brother’s Girlfriend Staying At His House Again Until She Learns To Be More Respectful And Behave Like A “Proper” Guest - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man and his brother are both in the military and because of this, they haven’t seen each other in five years. Recently, his brother came to see him, bringing his girlfriend, whom he’d been dating for three years, with him. They originally planned for his brother to stay for two weeks, but they could only stay for four days due to his brother’s girlfriend’s work schedule.

His brother and his girlfriend brought their dog, but unfortunately, they forgot to bring a kennel. He went to the store and purchased one for them to use during their visit.

For almost the entirety of their stay, his brother’s girlfriend stayed in the guest bedroom, barely ever emerging to socialize with anyone.

“After they arrived, she did not speak to anyone, which could be attributed to social anxiety. When my wife cooked dinner, she did not thank her for the meal, nor did she rinse her plate; she just left it on the table,” he said.

Over the course of the four days that he got to spend with his brother, the two of them played video games and watched anime together. Instead of joining him, his brother, and his wife downstairs, his brother’s wife called his brother every 20 minutes from the guest room whenever she needed to talk to him or for him to bring something to her. But he didn’t think this was an issue, and he was able to put up with it.

During the last day of his brother and his girlfriend’s visit, his best friend invited them to his house to have dinner and play board games. He drove all four of them to his friend’s house since his brother and his girlfriend weren’t familiar with the town.

Only a half-hour after arriving at his friend’s house, his brother’s girlfriend stated that she was starving and craving Chick-fil-A. He was annoyed but did his best to be nice and drove her to pick up food.

“When we got back, she spent the entire three hours we were there on the couch, scrolling TikTok. After dinner, she told me and my brother she was ready to go back to the house because she needed to rest for their trip back home. My brother wanted to stay longer, so he asked her if we could drop her off,” he explained.

Unfortunately, his brother’s girlfriend rejected this idea. His brother wasn’t as concerned about getting to sleep early because his girlfriend was the one driving first on their 13-hour journey home, so he’d be able to sleep while she drove. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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