He Survived Two Atomic Bombs While Over 226,000 People Lost Their Lives, And He Lived To Be 93

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As World War Two was nearing its end in 1945, the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan.

The first bomb struck the city of Hiroshima, and three days later, the other hit the city of Nagasaki. The cities were completely destroyed, and over 226,000 people lost their lives, but one man miraculously survived both blasts without any debilitating injuries.

On August 6, 1945, Tsutomu Yamaguchi had been preparing to leave Hiroshima and return home to his family.

At the time, he was 29-years-old and married to his wife, Hisako. They had an infant son named Katsutoshi. It was his last day in the city after a three-month-long business trip for his employer, Mitsubishi.

That morning, he had been walking to the shipyard of his workplace when he saw an aircraft flying overhead.

He watched as the plane dropped a small object over the city, and suddenly, a burst of light filled the sky. He dove into a ditch just in time before the ear-splitting boom of the explosion pierced the air.

The explosion threw him backward, leaving him with bad burns and ruptured eardrums. The atomic blast had caused ash, dust, and debris to surround the area, blocking out the sun.

In the Mitsubishi shipyard, he found the remains of the factory building, along with two coworkers who had survived the blast.

They spent the night in a makeshift shelter and headed to the train station the next day, which was somehow still operating.

hunterkitty – – illustrative purposes only

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