Her Sister Wants Her To Pay After Her Teen Daughter Ate Slices Of Cake While Babysitting Her Sister’s Kids

Eduard Zhukov - - illustrative purposes only

If you’re a babysitter, you’ve likely been in a situation where the family you’ve babysat for let you take whatever food and drinks you wanted from their house while you were on the job. But have you ever been asked to pay them back for their food?

One woman is refusing to give her sister money for a cake that her daughter ate two slices of while babysitting her children.

She’s 38 and a single mother to her 17-year-old daughter, Carly. She has a sister two years younger than her who lives nearby with her husband and two kids under 10.

Carly will occasionally babysit her two young cousins on certain weekends so her sister and her husband can go out for around three to four hours. Carly usually gets paid around $35 each time. It’s a nice situation, as Carly likes to babysit and earn a bit of spending money, and her sister gets a break from time to time.

However, a recent incident may impact Carly’s desire to babysit for her aunt in the future.

“A couple hours after Carly came home from babysitting, my sister called me,” she recalled.

“It was my niece’s birthday [about] two weeks ago, and there was some leftover birthday cake in their kitchen. It was a custom-made, fancy lemon curd cake, and I remember at the party, a lot of the kids didn’t want to eat it, so a lot was left over. While she was babysitting, Carly had eaten two slices. My sister said that she should’ve asked before helping herself to the cake and that it was expensive.”

She apologized to her sister and told her she’d have a word with Carly. However, that wasn’t enough for her sister, who felt the cake was so expensive that she should be compensated for the slices Carly ate.

“At first, I honestly thought she couldn’t be serious,” she said.

Eduard Zhukov – – illustrative purposes only

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