She Designed Her Husband’s Wedding Ring, But He Stopped Wearing It While They Were Married, So Now That They’re Divorced, She Wants To Use It To Make A New Ring For Herself

Lela Kieler - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this woman and her ex-husband tied the knot over 20 years ago, she had been learning how to design jewelry at the time as a hobby. That’s why she decided to make her ex’s ring by herself.

“I made the original in silver, then had it cast in white gold,” she recalled.

Well, even after she went through all of that effort, her ex-husband only wore the ring consistently for about a year or two. Then, he quickly began wearing it less and less before stopping completely.

At one point, her ex even had the nerve to openly admit that he liked it when he didn’t wear the ring, and other women didn’t know he was married.

“Yes, there was lots of infidelity on his part over the years and additional [bad] treatment of me,” she noted.

Anyway, that’s why she kept stumbling upon her ex’s wedding ring in random places where it could’ve easily gotten lost. For instance, thrown in drawers or precariously placed on shelves.

Then, a few years ago, she and her ex had been moving into a new apartment when she found the ring sitting next to dust bunnies at the bottom of a shoe cupboard.

That time, she finally decided to just take the ring and keep it with the rest of her jewelry in order to make sure it was safe and sound. However, she never actually told her ex that she had the ring.

“I just figured he would eventually own up to losing it, and I would tell him I found it and have it,” she said.

Lela Kieler – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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