She Went On A Bad First Date With A Guy And They Sat In Silence On His Bed For 30 Minutes While She Waited For Her Friend To Pick Her Up

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Some men automatically assume that any woman who shows the slightest bit of interest in them wants to hook up with them.

TikToker Erica Carosella (@erica_carosella) is talking about her experience with a guy who fits that description and stating that she’s officially “done with the male species.”

So last year, she was shopping for a dress at the mall with her friend. She was getting a little bored from shopping, so she decided to go through her phone and check her messages.

She noticed a message from one guy she had mutual friends with and became intrigued by him. Within an hour, they had arranged to meet up after she was finished with her errands at the mall.

Erica convinced her friend to drop her off at this guy’s house. Their interaction ended up being super awkward. They made small talk for three hours, and the conversation was dull.

Then, he suggested that they go upstairs to his bedroom. Erica was sitting on the end of his bed when the guy started coming closer and tried to put his hand on her thigh.

Erica made it clear that she was not comfortable with what he was doing. Immediately afterward, he became completely silent.

She asked him if he had assumed that she was just going to hook up with him. He responded that that was the expectation.

Then, Erica started getting mad because she had never indicated that she wanted to hook up with him. She thought they would just hang out and chat. So Erica announced that she would call her friend to pick her up.

FollowTheFlow – – illustrative purposes only

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