She Went Through Her Husband’s Phone And Caught Him Talking To Multiple Other Women While They Have Two Kids Together And A Third On The Way

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This 25-year-old woman and her husband, who is 45, have been together for four years, and she really thought that he would be her forever partner.

They already have two kids together, and she is currently pregnant with their third. But, there have been consistent red flags throughout their relationship.

It all began during their first year together when she noticed that her husband was really protective over his cell phone. Then, her cousin’s husband actually caught him flirting with a cashier while she was carrying their first baby.

“This caused a lot of trust issues, and, as the years went by, I was no longer allowed to touch his phone in any way,” she said.

Still, she started going through her husband’s phone again every night just a few days ago, and she’s since uncovered a lot of cheating.

She specifically caught him talking to multiple women on Facebook. Now, her husband always made sure to delete the conversations, so what she found at first was not inappropriate.

However, she then decided to check her husband’s Google chats– which was an app he used to have– and his phone had saved his login information. So, she was able to get in, and she found out that her husband had been telling the women that he loved them, sending them steamy photos, and talking about how much he wanted to sleep with them.

“And he attempted to meet with a lot of these women, but I never saw where any of them actually agreed to meet up, so I’m not sure if he’s fully done the deed or not,” she explained.

Given that she is pregnant right now– 25 weeks along, to be exact– her hormones have been going “crazy,” and coupled with the infidelity, she’s finding it really hard not to fight with her husband.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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