To Achieve Loads Of Volume Like Jennifer Anniston’s Famous Locks In The Hit Show “Friends,” Try Out This Viral Hair Hack That Uses A Nostalgic ZigZag Part

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What if I told you that a 90s zigzag part was the key to getting amazing volume in your hair?

When I think of people with great hair, I often think of Jennifer Aniston during her “Friends” days. If you didn’t know, Jennifer Aniston and hairstylists from the hit TV show changed the hair game in the mid-90s when they gave her “The Rachel,” the infamous voluminous shag haircut that became one of her character’s signature traits.

“The Rachel” and shag haircuts, in general, have stuck around and have become a major trend once again. One of the many reasons people love this hairstyle is because it looks great with a little extra volume.

Even if you don’t have “The Rachel” as a haircut, you can still use this Rachel-inspired volume hack a TikTok creator recently shared that will have your hair feeling voluminous and beautiful in no time.

Holly (@headlesshairdresser), a Utah-based hairdresser, recently shared a fun hack for achieving gorgeous 90s hair volume. It’s a hack that she claims “everyone should know!”

In her video, Holly begins by creating a tight middle zigzag part on the top of her head while her hair is wet. If you don’t know how to do a zigzag part, there are plenty of elaborate tutorials to watch online!

Then, you need to wait for your hair to dry. Holly says you can let your hair dry naturally or blow dry it, as she does in her video.

In her tutorial, Holly thoroughly blow-dried her hair while carefully not disturbing the zigzag part.

Once your hair is dry, you’ll want to re-part your hair to a normal middle part by carefully undoing the zigzag part with a comb. As you slowly take apart the zigzag, you’ll notice how much volume it gave your hair during the drying process!

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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