Whether Or Not Your Dream Destination Wedding Will Be Affordable Depends On These Factors

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When people think of destination weddings, they often think of expensive prices. However, having a destination wedding doesn’t mean you have to plan a lavish and expensive wedding ceremony like a Kardashian.

In fact, there are ways to plan a destination wedding that would be less expensive than a big, fancy wedding you have at home.

Whether or not your destination wedding will be affordable depends on several factors, like the location, venue, guest list, airfare, and exchange rates.

When choosing your destination wedding location, you have to realize that some states and countries are more expensive than others.

If you don’t have a specific dream location in mind, get ready to do a lot of research and compare venue pricing and airfare for several places.

You should also consider lowering your number of guests if you want to be able to afford a destination wedding.

More guests means more food and drinks you have to pay for, so you have to prioritize the people you absolutely need to see on your special day.

Before the wedding, you can invite those backup guests to your engagement party or bridal shower to make them feel included!

Of course, the point of a destination wedding is to travel somewhere else to get married, so you’ll need to consider airfare costs.

MarinadeArt – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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