Financial Incompatibility Is The Latest Dating Red Flag To Look Out For, With The Potential To Make Or Break A Budding Relationship

There are also some very clear signs that you’re not financially compatible with your partner. For instance, if they expect you to pay for most of your dates, are hardly earning a living but don’t have the motivation to advance their career, recklessly spending or not spending enough, etc.

So, why is financial compatibility important?

Well, money is one of the biggest and most stressful things serious couples argue about. Arguments and fights surrounding money can be brutal.

If you figure out your and your partner’s financial compatibility before getting serious and making big life decisions together, you can work together to be more on the same page and avoid some money-fueled arguments.

Life happens, and even if you strive to be financially compatible with someone before getting serious, some unexpected financial struggles will come up that you can’t avoid. But if you and your partner aren’t living with two totally opposing mindsets, you’ll be in a better place.

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