He Agreed To Take His Brother And Nephew In After They Got Evicted, But He Wound Up Kicking Them Out Again Because They Played A Dangerous “Prank” By Hiding His Daughter’s EpiPen

“I told my brother that if he or Eli hid Naomi’s EpiPen again, I’d kick them out,” he revealed.

“I explained how Naomi could die without it, and my brother seemed to understand.”

Well, last week, his daughter unfortunately had an allergic reaction and quickly needed her EpiPen. Yet, lo and behold, the lifesaving medical device was nowhere to be found.

At that point, his nephew Eli rushed upstairs to his guest room and retrieved the EpiPen. Then, he was thankfully able to administer the medication before Naomi’s reaction could get too bad.

Nonetheless, once he was finished helping his daughter, he immediately told his brother to pack his things and leave.

“My brother said that I wasn’t being fair because Eli had stolen it on his own this time, that it was just a prank, and Eli’s just a little kid, etc.,” he vented.

Regardless, he didn’t care and stuck to his word– kicking both his brother and nephew out. And now, basically, everyone in his family is upset with him– mainly because his parents don’t have enough space to take in two extra people.

“They’re calling me heartless for kicking them out over a kid’s prank,” he said.

So now, he can’t help but wonder if forcing his brother and nephew to leave following the dangerous “prank” was really so unreasonable or not.

Do you agree that hiding an EpiPen as a “prank” is unacceptable? Didn’t he give his brother fair warning about the consequences of this happening again? What would you have done in his shoes?

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