He And His Ex-Girlfriend Have Been Co-Parenting Their Dog For Six Months, But Now She’s Pressuring Him To Get Back Together For The Sake Of Their Pup

Ruan J/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

After dating for five years, this 34-year-old man broke up with his now ex-girlfriend, 31, six months ago. It was an emotional roller coaster most of the time they were together, but the last year of their relationship was especially difficult. Unfortunately, they fought all the time, and it became obvious that their lives were going in different directions.

“The only thing we both loved unconditionally was our dog, Max, a 4-year-old Golden Retriever we got together. After the breakup, we decided to co-parent Max,” he said.

Because he bought the apartment they lived in before his ex-girlfriend moved in, she moved to another place nearby, and he stayed in the apartment.

The custody schedule they both felt comfortable with was where he had custody of Max for a week, and she had custody the following week. This schedule has been going smoothly for them, and Max has luckily gotten accustomed to the changes and is just as happy as he’s always been.

“However, recently, my ex has been hinting that we should get back together for Max’s sake. She believes that Max misses us being a family and that he’s confused about the back-and-forth,” he explained.

In his opinion, it doesn’t seem like Max is confused. Max always seems happy and has the same amount of energy he’s always had. Since breaking up with his ex, he’s grown comfortable being independent and began dating someone else. They’re still in the early stages of their relationship, though, and aren’t committed to each other yet.

When he ended the relationship with his ex, the breakup felt definite and final from his perspective. Despite this, his ex-girlfriend won’t give up on trying to persuade him to give their relationship another chance. She escalated her tactics, got their mutual friends involved, and asked them to talk to him on her behalf.

“They’ve started saying things like, ‘Think about what’s best for Max,’ and, ‘You two were great together; you just need to work things out.’ Feeling cornered, I finally told my ex that I have no interest in getting back together,” he shared.

During the conversation, he explained that he thought Max would be happier if they were apart because there was a lot of toxicity in their relationship before they broke up, which he didn’t think would be healthy for their dog. His ex told him he was self-centered and that he didn’t value Max’s welfare.

Ruan J/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

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