He Broke Up With His Girlfriend After Finding Out She Had A Son With ASD And Realizing He Didn’t Want To Deal With The Challenges

Sunshine - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This man has been in a relationship with a woman named Rachel since September. For most of their time together, things have been going smoothly, and he and Rachel get along great. Since they first started dating, he was aware that Rachel had a son named Cash, 10.

Rachel and her ex shared split custody of Cash. He and Rachel live 50 minutes away from one another, and he’s only been around Cash a handle of times, for several minutes each time. They usually get together when her ex has custody.

Last weekend, he asked Rachel if she and Cash wanted to hang out with him. He suggested seeing a movie, going to the park, and getting ice cream afterward.

In response, Rachel told him Cash couldn’t tolerate movie theatres or other crowded places, which he thought was a little strange, but he didn’t give her comment too much thought.

“When they came over, Cash immediately started running around the apartment and yelling. I thought it was kind of funny, and since I have ADHD, I remember being a hyper kid,” he said.

Rachel was visibly humiliated, walked up to Cash, and quietly requested that he settle down. Instantly, Cash began sobbing and flapping his hands around.

He thought Cash’s behavior was strange and realized something was going on with him. When he questioned Rachel about whether Cash had some sort of disorder, she informed him that Cash had Autism Spectrum Disorder, and he was a little shocked about this.

“She had never mentioned that or the fact that he had any sort of behavioral issues. I asked her why she’s never brought it up, and she said it didn’t seem super relevant, and she is able to parent him just fine,” he explained.

For the entire weekend, Cash had several emotional meltdowns and struggled with meals. On Sunday morning, he walked into the bathroom to find that Cash had made a complete mess of the toilet and sink, which bothered and repulsed him.

Sunshine – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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