He Dislikes Like His Wife’s Wealthy, Controlling Parents, And He Doesn’t Want Them To Come On Their European Vacation

Evgeniya Biriukova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Sometimes, when people have wealthy parents who fund most of their endeavors, even as they enter adulthood, their parents can easily manipulate or control them.

One man is sick of his wife doing what her wealthy parents tell her and is upset after finding out she wants her parents to join them on their upcoming European vacation.

He and his wife are in their early 40s and come from different backgrounds. His wife was born into a wealthy family, and her parents used their money to influence her to the point of being controlling.

He had a different childhood and unfortunately, his wife’s parents have tried using that information against him.

“I grew up lower-middle class and had to grind for everything,” he explained.

“Her parents haven’t been nice to me and always had a superior attitude, acting like I’m so lucky they ‘rescued’ me. Several years ago, I started a business with no help from them. They took some digs at me in the beginning, like it wouldn’t be successful [but] now I [have] 30 employees, and I’m making several million dollars per year.”

Since he became successful on his own, his wife’s parents began seeing him as a threat and, at times, tried to turn his wife against him.

Unfortunately, his wife can’t seem to shake their control or influence, even though she acknowledges that it’s unhealthy.

Now, he and his wife are planning a long, elaborate vacation in Europe, and she feels the need to invite her parents.

Evgeniya Biriukova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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