He Wants To Drop Out Of A Group Vacation Because One Of His Friends Is Set On Booking Luxury Hotels, And He Simply Can’t Afford It

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This man and his group of friends from college take a yearly vacation to hang out and catch up after not seeing each other for a while.

This year, he was excited to take an inexpensive trip to the mountains so that they could hike, camp, and relax in nature.

He loves finding ways to save money and is a huge fan of getting outside. However, when he and the group started planning their vacation, one of his friends, Emily, didn’t like the idea of camping and instead suggested staying in fancy, expensive hotels that he couldn’t afford.

“I am referring to locations with gourmet restaurants, infinity pools, and spas; these are lovely but not my style, especially considering how expensive they are,” he said.

He tried to find a way to compromise, suggesting that they stay in less pricey hotels. Another idea he thought of was spending part of the trip camping and the other part in nicer hotels. These suggestions didn’t go over well with Emily, though.

“She had a tantrum, claiming she couldn’t possibly enjoy her vacation without the comforts she’d been used to. She even engaged in a debate about security and comfort,” he explained.

Emily continued arguing to get the entire group to side with her. One of his other friends said that not all of them could afford the hotels where Emily wanted to stay, adding that many didn’t even think spending a ton of money on fancy accommodations was necessary.

In his opinion, it was unfair and conceited for Emily not to consider that some people in their friend group may not make enough money to afford pricey hotels.

“For the past few years, I’ve been going above and beyond, spending more money than I feel comfortable with in order to maintain harmony,” she shared.

malkovkosta – – illustrative purposes only

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