He Went Searching For A Cute Girl He Met On A Flight To Atlanta, But Once The Internet Finally Found Her, She Posted A Response Video And Revealed She Already Has A Boyfriend

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Have you ever met someone, started immediately crushing on them, and never saw them again?

One of the places this happens the most often is popular commuting destinations like airports, where people end up in different destinations.

One man went viral in January after his friend decided to see if they could find the girl he fell for on a flight he took last March by posting a video about her on TikTok.

Sometimes, when a stranger positively impacts your life, and you feel the need to see them again, you have to shout into the internet void to find them.

That’s what Gracie (@graciesmalls16) decided to do for her friend Russell, who was searching for a cute girl he met on a flight last year.

“This is my friend, Russell,” wrote Gracie in her viral video.

“He met the love of his life on March 18th, 2023, on a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Atlanta. A girl named Natalia sat next to him. She is from Long Island, New York, in the Naval Academy in Annapolis, [Maryland]. She has brothers and was visiting family in Colorado. Please help us find Natalia.”

In Gracie’s viral TikTok video, which she posted on January 17th, Russell can be seen dramatically posing, yearning to find Natalia as the song “Pretty Girl From Annapolis” by The Avett Brothers plays in the background.

Gracie’s video earned a lot of likes as viewers commented on their hopes that Russell and Natalia would one day be reunited. Even the viral rapper Yung Gravy commented on the video, asking Gracie and Russell to keep everyone updated on the journey.

redkphotohobby – – illustrative purposes only

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