Her Friend Threw A Fit And Poured A Mimosa On Her During Brunch Because She Didn’t Flat-Out Say Plastic Surgery Made Her Prettier

BullRun - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you ever want to scream in your friend’s face whenever they talk badly about themselves?

Whenever I hear a friend of mine, especially the ones who have always stood out because of their beauty, talk poorly about how they look, I want to shake them and make them understand how silly they’re being!

One woman recently upset her friend who recently got plastic surgery after telling her she was glad she was happy with the results instead of flat-out telling her how pretty she looked.

She’s 34 and has a 32-year-old friend named Cordelia. She and Cordelia have been friends since childhood, and Cordelia has always been one of the most beautiful women she’s known. Unfortunately, Cordelia never realized just how beautiful she is and has always had self-esteem issues.

Cordelia recently became fascinated by the buccal fat removal trend, a common plastic surgery procedure many celebrities use. The procedure involves removing fat tissues from the cheeks to give faces a more hollowed-out, slim look. 

Cordelia really wanted the surgery as she felt she had a round face, which she did not agree with. However, Cordelia saved up her money and flew to L.A. for surgery.

“I think the people who get that procedure look bad, but my opinion does not matter because if that is what makes them happy, that is literally all that matters,” she said.

“Beauty is subjective, and as long as you love yourself, no one else’s opinions are relevant. Cordelia and I had brunch today, and she asked me what I thought of her results. I told her the doctor did a good job [with] the surgery, and I’m glad to see her happy.”

She and Cordelia continued with their brunch, but a few minutes later, she was asked once more what she thought about Cordelia’s results. Again, she told Cordelia the surgery had been done well, and she was glad it looked how she wanted.

BullRun – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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