Her Husband Has Been Looking Up The Woman He Cheated On Her With Online, And It’s Happening Multiple Times A Day

sepy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Six months ago, this 38-year-old woman’s 41-year-old husband made a heartbreaking confession: he was cheating on her, and the affair was going on for quite a long time.

The affair was emotional at first, but then things turned physical between her husband and this other woman.

It was two years of physical cheating that her husband engaged in, and she doesn’t know how long the emotional affair that came before that went on.

“Admittedly, he confessed everything to me with the intention to leave, but with a lot of back and forth, he ended up staying,” she explained.

“We have two children, and admittedly, that was our primary reason for staying together. We’ve been in marriage counseling ever since, having weekly sessions. Both of us are committed to rebuilding our relationship.”

During the first two months that they attended marriage counseling together, her husband was all in on fixing things between them.

He even stopped contacting the woman he cheated on her with. But then, two weeks ago, she found out that her husband has been looking up this other woman online.

Her husband has been searching for this woman several times a day, and every single day at that.

Not only has her husband been looking at this woman’s social media profiles, but he’s been looking at some of her family members, too.

sepy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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