Her Husband Said Being A Stay-At-Home Mom Isn’t Working, And She’s Still Resentful

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Many people have different opinions on someone choosing to be a stay-at-home parent while their spouse or partner works to support their household.

One woman was recently taken aback by her husband, who gave her an attitude for being on maternity leave with their infant son.

She and her husband live in Germany and have a three-month-old son. Both of them had full-time jobs, but she’s been on maternity leave since becoming a mom. 

“I take care of our son and all the housework,” she explained.

“I clean, cook, wash, grocery shop, do all [our] planning, etc. In Germany, where we live, I can take up to three years of maternity leave and get up to 67% of my income for 12 months.”

Recently, while her husband was home and she was making dinner, she got a letter that included how much money she was making on maternity leave, and when she showed her husband, he seemed to scoff and said she was making “all that money for doing nothing.”

She was stunned by her husband’s words, and he didn’t stop there. He also was surprised that she made that much money for “entertaining” their baby and “doing nothing.”

She was so flabbergasted that she could hardly say anything, so she didn’t and continued making their dinner. The next day, her husband could tell she was hurt, so he tried to explain that he was only joking and was actually pleased to see she was still making so much money.

He also took his apology to the next level and acknowledged how hard she works to care for their home and son, which is not equal to doing “nothing.”

Prostock-studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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