Her Husband’s Dad Was Caught In A Sting Operation After Trying To Meet With A 13-Year-Old Girl, So She Doesn’t Want To Go On Vacation With Him And Their Kids

danieleorsi - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Two years ago, this woman’s father-in-law was caught in a sting operation after trying to meet up with a 13-year-old girl for nefarious purposes.

She never would have expected her husband’s dad to have gotten wrapped up in something like that, but it was evidently not his first time trying to do something so awful.

Her husband’s dad confessed to what he did, and he’s clearly guilty of the crime that he has since been charged with.

Not only did her husband’s dad tell the police, he told them too. Strangely enough, her husband’s whole family is pretending as if this never occurred and they’re sweeping such a gross situation right under the rug.

Her husband’s dad is currently out on bail pending a trial, though a trial date for him has yet to be set.

She’s disgusted and wants to be done with her husband’s dad, but her husband is struggling hard since this is his dad, after all.

She was able to review the terms of the bail, and she was shocked to find out that her husband’s dad is still allowed to be around children.

She and her husband have little kids of their own, who are four and six-years-old. While her husband doesn’t think there is a problem with his dad interacting with their children, she is completely against this.

She and her husband are going to be heading out on a rare family trip soon with loved ones from both of their families and their kids.

danieleorsi – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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