Her Husband’s Obsession With Giraffes Is Embarrassing, And She Snapped When He Bought Them Matching Giraffe Onesies

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This 31-year-old woman says her 27-year-old husband really is an amazing human being. He’s bright, loving, and a great guy.

She always knew her husband was an animal lover, and that’s something they developed a bond over when they first started dating.

She had animals growing up, and she dreams of being able to get a pet sometime soon, though they don’t have enough space right now in their tiny apartment to do that.

“Now, onto the problem. My husband loves to collect. He buys video game merch, figurines, and the like, but in the last 6 months, he has started buying lots of giraffe decorations, posters, plushies, and the like,” she explained.

“I am not trying to be judgmental, but it’s starting to take a toll on our relationship. It started off with the plushies, which are adorable…at first.”

“He bought me one named Phil and gave it to me under the pretense that it was a gift. Then about three or four popped up.”

She thought her husband perhaps just wanted to buy a couple of items to decorate their bedroom, which she was alright with.

But then he started buying giraffe rugs, giraffe figurines, and giraffe dishes and bowls that look like they’re supposed to be for kids.

She had no clue you could even buy dishware like what her husband found. Her husband has also started using their savings to spend money on these giraffe items, and it’s really bothering her.

Picturellarious – – illustrative purposes only

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