Her “Lazy Mom Dinner” Recipe For Sticky Garlic Chicken Is Quick, Cheap, And Tastes Much Better Than Takeout

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On those nights when cooking dinner feels like an insurmountable feat, it’s nice to have some easy meals to turn to.

TikToker Karissa (@karissaastevens) is demonstrating how to cook what she calls a “lazy mom dinner” that will win you the crown for the best chef in the house.

“Tonight’s dinner is quicker, cheaper, and tastes way better than takeout. We’re making sticky garlic chicken!” she said at the beginning of the video. Afterward, she launched right into the steps for the dish.

First, cut up some chicken thighs and add three tablespoons of cornstarch, a sprinkle of black pepper, and garlic powder.

Instead of garlic powder, you could do onion powder if desired. The chicken should be lightly coated with the breading.

Next, preheat a skillet and drizzle some vegetable oil in it. Then, Karissa also shares a hack that makes the next part of the process a little easier. You’ll need to add a half cup of honey in a measuring cup.

Before pouring the honey, you can spray the measuring cup with a bit of cooking spray so that the honey won’t stick to the surface as much. On top of that, pour a quarter cup of soy sauce into the honey.

Once the skillet is heated up, place the chicken in it, along with five cloves of fresh garlic. Incorporate the soy sauce and honey mixture once the chicken is about 75 percent cooked.

Then, turn down the heat and let everything simmer in the pan. The sauce will thicken up and perfectly complement the chicken.

Monkey Business – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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