Her Stepsister Felt Entitled To Her Dad’s $2 Million Inheritance After He Passed Away, So She Said She Deserves Nothing

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Sometimes, when an older, wealthier relative passes away, and there’s an expected inheritance to be shared, some family members will act like they deserve it more than others.

One woman recently had to put her stepsister, who had a horrible relationship with their dad all their lives and felt she was entitled to his money after he passed away, in her place.

She’s 35 and has five siblings. She’s part of a blended family and has step-siblings and half-siblings. One of them is her 35-year-old stepsister named April. 

Growing up, April, who had a different birth dad, never managed to build a relationship with her dad.

“While I always saw my stepmom as my mom, April never saw my dad as her dad, even though our parents married when we were both three,” she explained.

“She always resented Dad, blaming him for her mom divorcing her dad even though Mom and Dad hadn’t met until after the divorce. She was spiteful and cruel to him her whole life.”

When her dad became ill a while back, her entire family dynamic changed. April, who never seemed to give her dad a chance, pulled a 180 when he was sick and suddenly wanted to help care for him.

She has three brothers who weren’t involved when her dad got sick, so most of the responsibilities fell onto her, her 20-year-old half-sister London, and April. Since London was the youngest in their family, she was the closest to their dad, as she got to spend more quality time with him, which made April resent her.

When their dad passed away, April had made a lot of assumptions about receiving a decent chunk of his inheritance. For instance, their mom loaned April around $80,000 to help her pay off some debts, and April would talk about how she’d make it all back after their dad passed.

Di Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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