He’s Divorcing His Wife Because He Found Out She Was Cheating, And When He Decided To Confront Her, She Just Berated His Daughter

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This 32-year-old man has been with his wife, who is 38, for 13 years, and they’ve been married for the last decade. At the start of their relationship, everything was wonderful, too.

“It was like a happy ending of a romantic movie,” he recalled.

However, as time went on, he felt as though his wife started to drift away from him– acting more distant and cold toward him. On top of that, she gave a cold shoulder to his daughter, who is just 12 years old now.

So, one day, he finally asked her what was up and why she was acting so strange toward the two of them. Still, his wife just shrugged him off and didn’t give him a straight answer.

Well, another night, not long afterward, he noticed a weird message that popped up on his wife’s phone. It read, “What are you up to, honey?” and was from a guy with the contact name “P.”

He’d never heard of a guy named “P” before and had no clue who it could be, either. That’s why he wound up going through his wife’s messages, and he ultimately discovered she’d been cheating on him.

It took him a couple of days before he finally decided to confront his wife, and at that point, she freaked out and “went bananas.”

According to him, his wife accused him of “baby trapping” her. Then, she claimed that he didn’t even love her– which he thought was crazy. After all, he tried to show his love by giving her flowers every single month.

But what really pushed him over the edge was when his wife attacked his daughter. It was toward the end of their fight when he was about to leave, and his wife said something terrible.

theartofphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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