He’s Going To Dump His Girlfriend For Posting Bikini Photos And Thirst Traps On Social Media

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For the last four years, this 24-year-old guy has been in a relationship with his 23-year-old girlfriend, and at the beginning of dating her, they came to an agreement about something.

Back then, he posted photos of himself in the gym on social media in order to show off the progress he was making.

His girlfriend said she was uneasy with it, so he quit posting those photos. In exchange, he said that he wanted his girlfriend to not share any photos of herself in a bikini on social media, and she said she could accommodate this request.

He thought that was pretty fair and equal for them to agree to these terms in their love life. He rarely is on social media and doesn’t even have accounts on two of the largest platforms, so he has not been aware of what his girlfriend has been sharing in the years they have been together.

Several days back, he was hanging out with his girlfriend and some of her friends. One of his girlfriend’s friends was scrolling through a particular social media app, and he spotted a photo of his girlfriend in a bikini.

“I got taken aback, but I thought it might have been an old picture,” he explained. “The thought stayed with me until the end of the day.”

“So when I got home, I installed these apps specifically for this reason and found her page and looked through that. She had been constantly posting pictures of herself in bikini and there was even a couple of “thirst traps” on her TikTok.”

“I was absolutely livid. This was the one thing that we agreed on and she still managed to break the agreement not only once but she has been doing it continuously knowing that I won’t see them.”

Since he found out what his girlfriend has really been up to online, he’s been basically ignoring her while planning on how to dump her.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only

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