He’s Gone On Three Dates With A Girl He Really Likes, But It Bothers Him That She Always Expects Him To Pay

rohappy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Several weeks ago, this 27-year-old guy met a girl the same age as him on a dating app. Ever since they have gone on three dates so far, and they’re really getting along excellently.

It’s easy for them to find things to talk about, and they have a lot of similarities. But there is one thing about this girl that is really bothering him: she always expects him to pay on their dates.

Now, on their first date, they casually grabbed coffee and went for a walk, and he spent $30 on that outing.

He didn’t pay the money he spent any mind, as he knows it’s polite for the person who asks someone on a date to pay for it, and he was the one who asked her out.

“The second was a bit more upscale, dinner at a nice place, with the bill coming to about $70,” he explained.

“When the bill arrived, there was a noticeable pause, and it seemed like she was waiting for me to take the lead, so I ended up covering it again.”

“Our third date was similar, this time the bill was closer to $90, and again, the expectation seemed to be that I would handle it.”

When their third date was over, he made the bold choice to bring up a touchy subject, and he launched right into dating finances.

He likes treating a girl, but he believes it’s important to be equal and share the costs of your dates.

rohappy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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