His Date Was Being Disruptive During A Movie And She Got So Wasted That He Had To Carry Her Out Of The Theater

Nestor - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sometimes, a little liquid courage is needed to calm the nerves that arise during a first date. But, it is entirely possible to indulge in a bit too much and cross the line from tipsy charm into a stumbling, slurring mess.

TikToker Ryan Michael Annese (@rytoast10) went on a bad first date to the movies with a girl who got so wasted that he had to carry her outside.

One night, he took a girl out to the movies. They were going to see the new Hunger Games movie, which he was really excited about.

When they were in line for refreshments, he made a joke about how he was starving and ravenous to see the film.

However, the joke went over her head, and she told him to get some nachos if he was so hungry. Finally, they took their seats in the theater.

He was focused on the movie, so he wasn’t really in the mood to chat while it was playing. Unfortunately, his date had other plans.

During the film, she noisily shuffled through her giant bag. Fifteen minutes into the movie, she complained that it was boring and started rubbing Ryan’s arm.

Then, she reached into her bag, pulled out a battery-operated massage gun with three prongs, and proceeded to massage his shoulders with it.

When she asked him to massage her face, he did so with his eyes glued to the screen. As a result, the massage gun bounced off her nose and smacked her in the face. She then brought out a bag of wine and started chugging it.

Nestor – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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