His Girlfriend Quit Her Job, Left Him To Cover Their Bills Alone, And Wanted To Be A “Stay-At-Home Girlfriend,” So He Threatened To Break Up With Her Unless She Finds A New Position - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 27-year-old guy and his girlfriend, who is 25, have been dating for two years, and they also now live together.

But, while he’s been working throughout their relationship, his girlfriend actually quit her job about three months ago. Apparently, she just thought her coworkers were too “toxic.”

“Thankfully, I make enough to keep the lights on, but it’s been hard with her not working,” he explained.

“It’s hard to buy food and other needs when I’m throwing my entire paycheck at bills.”

That’s why, since she quit, he’s tried broaching the topic of his girlfriend looking for a new job on multiple occasions. But, every single time, she just claims that there are no “good jobs” hiring right now.

Hearing that response has become super frustrating for him, too, especially because he’s currently working overtime to support them both.

So, more recently, he tried to have a more stern conversation – flat-out telling his girlfriend that she needed to find a new job.

“Because I can’t keep working overtime just because she isn’t working. It’s hard to support her and myself like this,” he reasoned.

Well, this just prompted a back-and-forth argument, and his girlfriend actually had the nerve to suggest that he just get a second job! – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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