His Son Flipped Out On Him For Eating Ramen He Didn’t Even Pay For, So He Told Him To Move Out

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This man has a son who recently graduated from college, and his son is currently living with him as he gets started with life in the real world.

His son does have a full-time job and makes pretty great money, so things are off to an excellent start for him.

His son helps his wife run errands and also pitches in around the house. His wife loves it when his son goes with her on grocery trips, in particular, as he helps carry everything that’s heavy.

During the last grocery trip his wife and son went on, his son picked up some ramen. Last night, he was up late and spotted the ramen in the pantry, so he made one for himself to eat, and there were still five containers left over.

Later on, his son noticed the empty ramen bowl in the trash and actually flipped out on him for “eating his food.”

Initially, he thought his son was pranking him, but no, his son was serious about being wildly upset over ramen, of all things.

“He was screaming at me over some $2 ramen,” he explained. “My wife heard our fight and came to see what was up.”

“She tried to placate him by saying she would go to Costco and get some more. This is when I found out the price was $12 for 6 bowls. I took out my wallet and tried to give him $2 for his bowl of food that I stole. My wife said I was being ridiculous since she had paid for them.”

“I must admit that this set me off. The little [jerk] was yelling at me for eating food that I paid for. My wife does not work.”

tbralnina – – illustrative purposes only

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