His Wife Regrets Having Their Kid, Since Her Life Isn’t As Free Or Happy Now

chika_milan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 32-year-old man and his 34-year-old wife live in the Northwestern part of the United States, and they are both first-generation immigrants.

None of their family members live near them, and they both have busy full-time jobs that pay them quite well.

They’re doing so good for themselves that they are able to afford a nanny to help them out with their child.

He feels that he and his wife are living comfortably, and they have been able to save a great amount of money.

While he is happy with where he and his wife are in life, his wife is not, and it’s all because of their child.

“However, my wife has said that she wishes she never had the kid (which we mutually agreed upon, though I have always wanted kids and she has always been neutral-negative on it), she “has never sustainably felt happy” because she has lost the freedom to travel to wherever she wants on a whim, the freedom to go out at nights to eat out or watch a movie at the cinema, etc.,” he explained.

“She also does NOT want to do those things alone, but accompanied by her partner (me). At the same time, she does not want a live-at-home nanny because that would also not make her happy.”

“Our kid is actually already what I would describe as an “angel kid.” She is growing up fast, smart, calls us mommy and daddy, plays with us, eats well and sleeps well, and has been – up till this point – a wonderful child. Even my wife feels that our daughter is more than reasonable, and she actually loves her very much despite wanting to be free.”

But his wife says she’s feeling stuck. She feels that she’s stuck with the family they have and stuck being a mom.

chika_milan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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