If You’ve Been Stuck In A Fashion Slump, Here Are Some Simple Yet Stylish Outfit Ideas To Add To Your Repertoire

A button-down with skinny jeans and nice shoes

This is a good look for nicer occasions, like brunch, coffee at a nice place, or wine night with friends.

Having a nice, neutral button-down shirt or blouse in your closet and pairing it with skinny jeans makes an excellent base for a chic outfit.

Throw on cute heels or trendy loafers, grab a simple clutch or purse, and you’re set!

A maxi dress and sweater

On a warmer day, there’s nothing like throwing on a maxi dress and letting it do all the talking. If you live in an area that gets nice, sunny, and warm in the spring and summertime, make sure to have a few great maxi dresses on hand. 

You can easily pair a printed or solid-colored maxi dress with a cute cardigan and some sandals or flats and be ready for a lovely spring day with hardly any effort.

A simple sweater and black dress pants

I love the sophisticated look of a cute, simple sweater and black dress pants. It’s a more casual form of formal outfit and perfect for so many occasions. This outfit looks awesome with cute minimalist silver or gold jewelry and a solid pair of comfortable shoes.

Again, getting stuck in a style slump can make you feel defeated. But having a solid wardrobe from which you can assemble these easy-going yet fashionable looks will help you get back in the style game.

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