She Barred Her Boyfriend From Visiting Her At Work Because He Keeps Calling Her Waitressing Job “Silly,” Trying To Get Her To Quit So He Can Take Care Of Her, And Causing Scenes At The Restaurant

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 24-year-old woman currently works as a part-time waitress, and she really enjoys her job.

But, her 32-year-old boyfriend earns enough money to support her so she wouldn’t “have to” work anymore. That’s why he is constantly telling her to quit and claiming that he wants to “take care” of her.

“I understand where he’s coming from, but I also like making my own money,” she said.

Regardless, her boyfriend keeps calling her job “silly” and telling her that she could be spending her time doing something “more useful.”

Plus, he frequently visits her restaurant while she’s working, and she finds it both disruptive and embarrassing. Whenever he’s there, he often wants her to give him attention – even if she’s busy tending to other customers.

Not to mention, he sometimes accuses her of flirting with customers, even if she is just being friendly. Or he gets upset when customers start to flirt with her.

Now, whenever this happens, her boyfriend will typically wait until she gets home to give her a “lecture.”

“But the other day, he raised his voice at me at work,” she revealed.

“My boss asked if I was okay and said if he does that again, she’s not going to let him come in. It puts me in an awkward position, and I find myself apologizing to her and him.”

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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