She Got A Tattoo Of A Cat On The Back Of Her Neck In Honor Of Her Late Sister, But Her Boyfriend Said It Was “Ugly” And That He Didn’t Find Her Attractive Anymore

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Two weeks ago, this 26-year-old woman got a tiny, simple tattoo of a cat on the back of her neck. When she wears her hair down, no one can see the tattoo. The tattoo is meaningful, and she got it in honor of her little sister, who tragically died not long ago.

“Her favorite animal was a cat since she was little. Her nickname has also always been ‘Catty.’ It’s a shortened version of her name,” she said.

She has been dating her boyfriend for three years, and before getting the tattoo, she explained her idea to him, adding that the tattoo was in honor of her sister.

“He laughed. I asked him what was so funny. He just said, ‘Nothing,’ and continued laughing as he left the room,” she explained.

His reaction baffled her, especially since she already had eight other tattoos and had been going to the same tattoo artist for six years. On the day of her tattoo appointment, she told her boyfriend she was leaving and left the house to get her tattoo.

After arriving home, her boyfriend wanted to see how the tattoo turned out, and she showed him what it looked like. Her boyfriend sneered and acted negatively. She brushed it aside and moved on.

“Over the next two hours or so, he began complaining that it was a ‘stupid’ idea, that it was ‘ugly,’ and he didn’t like it. He asked how I could expect him to still like me and be attracted to me when I am no longer ‘appealing,'” she shared.

The visceral words from her boyfriend shocked her, and while she knew deep down that she didn’t misinterpret what he said, part of her wished that she had. She repeated why she got her tattoo, but her boyfriend callously said, “‘She’s dead anyway. It’s not like she’s going to see it and appreciate it.'”

Since she had no idea what more she could say to get her boyfriend to empathize, she left the house and took a 20-minute walk before returning home. In hindsight, she didn’t know if this was the healthiest way of handling the situation, but after her walk, she reprimanded her boyfriend for what he said.

lalalululala – – illustrative purposes only

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